day 408 | september 28, 2010 | waiting game

week one
was inspired by a fashionable mommy who shared her pregnancy photos in the offbeat mama blog. she took photos every week of her pregnancy and put it into a slideshow. i wasn't as religious in getting my photos taken, as i was happily busy behind the camera, but on the month of my expected delivery, i thought this would be something nice to communicate the anticipation i felt as well as my daily journey in photographic form. 

while i planned shots/concepts to do, i did keep my fingers crossed that the little one would come out soon. later on though, i kinda wish she stayed put longer so i can shoot some of the concepts which were in the back-burner.  =) i have to thank my hubby, roo, and our lifesaver, tess, for their patience in tolerating my bossiness, modeling for my test shots, and agreeing to shoot me at the most random times (and at the most random places!). the 'plum and pumpkin' shot was actually done in tesco, while grocery shopping. grin. 

i love how i have this chronicle of waiting for red! it also made the wait more interesting for me, as i was more pre-occupied by thinking of shots instead of worrying myself silly over the delivery. off to draft my "roo and red" book in-between moo-ing and giggling at the little ones' antics.   
week two
week three
week four


Nicholas Leong said...

I've seen shot 3 and 24 a few times and I still love those two :D

Congrats, and can't wait to see Red in person. will let you know when :D

And yay, at least I got a shot in at the montage hahaha :P

Vimella said...


I love this! Gave me an idea, may this be my inspiration? :)

libpuritan said...

go ahead and have fun with it, dear! and share the results! :) hugs!

Madeline Heng said...

Wow beautiful pictures of your tummy! I wished I was proud enough of mine to take pictures of it. Perhaps the next pregnancy? Haha

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