day 642 | august 10, 2012 | Measure in Love

I've listed a scout of the old KTM railway on my to-do list, and was pleasantly surprised to get an invitation from Hermes via email on a 'gift of time' exhibit. the concept is very lofty, and I was curious how they would execute the idea...

 "never forget: the first rule of light 
is to make the dark more beautiful
and not to measure out the days..."
- unknown, quoted in the exhibit

My favorite part of the exhibit is the room of memories, where they put in short snippets (in various languages) of time spent beautifully. The one that left the most impression on me is this french line below, roughly translated: to write one's name on sand and wait for the waves to wash it away. isn't that the poetry of life...At the end of the day, we spend our days trying to leave a mark on the world, but have we really made a difference?
It was a fairly small exhibit, and other than our favorite room when roo asked me to translate some of the non-english quotes for her, we didn't really stay too long anywhere else.
Afterwards, we loved hanging out at the train tracks with old friends. The lovely sunset light made everything glow prettily, and the little ones reunite as if no time has passed in between.
Strange, but I can't help but remember the song 'Seasons of Love' from the musical RENT while exploring around with roo. We're all intent on measuring time, fascinated by the flow and ebb of it, and palpably feel the loss of it. 'Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred do you measure a year in a life?
How do you measure a life? As the song goes, 'measure in love...'
Just a little something help start the week off with intended meaning. :) Happy Monday!


Mummy Kless said...

Great photos! :)

libpuritan said...

thanks klessis! got the trifecta of great location, lovely models, and delicious light. hard to get anything wrong when all the elements are in place. :)

MummyMOO said...

Great photos, great subjects - both inanimate and the animated ones!

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