day 298 | july 13, 2009 | Surrey

Instead of setting up base camp in London, we decided to stay in a charming Surrey bed & breakfast instead. I found this thatch house by surfing around with the intention of finding something as authentically British as possible, and I'm happy to say it was a great find. To quote their page, Long Copse B&B is "a lovely arts & crafts house set high in the surrey hills."

Sue and Geoff own the house and run it, with the help of their trusty dog. S&G used to be teachers, and  their place is beautifully littered with interesting books. Breakfast is a hearty combination of sausages, grilled tomatoes, and eggs the way you like it. It always tickled me every morning when sue would ask me how I wanted my eggs. She also makes killer blueberry muffins. I finished 5 big ones when I first tried it -- and this was after finishing a bowl of cereal and my hearty meal.

In another life, I can imagine myself spending a week (or more) here, just leisurely going through the many books, probably take up biking, hop from one pub to another every night, drink a pint or two, and enjoy the luscious steaks. I'll probably get fat, but I did compensate by probably taking up biking....probably. =)

Quintessential small town countryside charms, with the additional benefit of wifi connectivity. A perfect escape.


Nicholas Leong said...

wow a lovely place to stay in. so comfy and that breakfast sounds perfect!

SleeplessInKL said...

i love european B&Bs. if you can find one not far from where you need to go, i'd pick a B&B over a hotel anytime. how much was the rate per night btw?

libpuritan said...

nick, quintessential bed and breakfast! =)

mimi, it was a bit of a drive from everywhere we wanted to go, but it was super worth it. the rate we secured was GBP60 per night, which is quite good for UK standard, i think.

Ken Wooi said...

really nice place..
how i wish i can be at the place.. haha.. =P

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