day 367 | june 5, 2010 | penang

penang is a gastronomic and visual delight. roo and i had so much fun exploring little adventures all over town, and only wish we had more time to scour out every nook and cranny. also, i would have taken more food photos if the food stayed long enough in our plates. =) e&o is beyond pretty, and the company of lady V and her family made durian-gorging a lot more delightful!

wanted to see the jewel of muscat up close. the jewel is an 18 meter replica of a 9th century omani boat, made using traditional methods, and sailed from oman to india to sri lanka to penang (then to singapore) using only wind, sails, and 18 brave men living in very tough conditions. imagine being able to sail the world like our ancestors used to -- such is a trip of a lifetime!

i expected the boat to be much bigger, and it's really quite inspiring how such a tiny little thing can survive the world's oceans without any engine, GPS, or even a single nail. it's held together by coconut fiber and goat fat. we arrived at the dock right about closing time, and the rain made us seek shelter in comfort of our car. but it was still nice to see the wooden boat from a distance. perhaps we'll manage to see it and stand atop it once it rests in singapore. perhaps. 


Nicholas Leong said...

excellent pics as usual, love the shot of roo at the revolving doors.

Walter said...

Wow, you made it all look even prettier than in real life! :)

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