day 376 | july 14, 2010 | of pink rabbits in the meadow and dating anniversaries

six years! congratulations to us, darling. we haven't killed each other...yet! here's to my partner in crime who is sometimes a five year old boy who gets excited by thomas train sets, nerf guns, and zones out to cartoons. my technical support who almost always provides me more information than i've requested. my worrier who lets me get away with a lot of things just because. my sleep-deprived cyber warrior. my adoring roo (and red) daddy. my rock steady. the chink in my armor.

we've both tripped along the way. but i hope that when we look back several years down the road, we'll smile knowing it was your hand tucked in mine, and mine in yours.

photo credits:
top -- manila pre-wedding by raul wong roa (2006)
bottom -- rooftop view from the makati condo i used to live in (2005)

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