day 389 | august 7, 2010 | belle and sebastian

indulging my fan girl tendencies. belle and sebastian performed at the concert hall in esplanade, in the presence of 1,800++ fans. despite the size of the hall, the crew managed to keep the feel cozy and intimate. always loved b&s quieter songs which have a very hippy nostalgic feel. when it came to upbeat songs like the popular favorite 'boy with the arab strap', i was pleasantly surprised to see fellow fans standing up and grooving along with the music. the last concert i went to in singapore, everyone was sitting stock still despite the upbeat tunes. 

lined up to get my CD signed by the whole crew, and managed to get a shot in with stuart and stevie. girly giggle. even managed to get a shot of the set list, which one fan swiped from a very willing stage crew after the show.  =) 

photography was not allowed, but everyone else was shooting the band with their off-camera flash on, it felt ridiculous to restrain my itchy fingers. at least, i shot without using flash. =) 

"...and everyone she knew thought she was beautiful, only slightly mental. beautiful, only temperamental..."

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