day 426 | december 22, 2010 | of santas and lighthearted farewells

it's roo's first ever santa party, and her last christmas in KL. her friends were all excited when santa came up, but because i never did weave santa tales for her, she was completely indifferent except when he was distributing gifts.

i don't think she feels that change is upon her, but i spent this month in a sort of bittersweet limbo, trying to make sure she manages to get together with all her friends who are still in town. she's been asking for her boyfriend too, who's currently in australia. she's got so many friends here, and i know she's going to miss them once the reality of moving home is upon her. sharing some of my favorite snaps from her last few playdates. i look back and think that she's had a fabulously charmed time during this posting -- and i only hope that we manage to create a similar sort of community for her in singapore too. these will definitely make it into roo's very thick and very colorful KL storybook.

merry christmas and happy holidays everyone! =)

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Josiet said...

Hi Steph! Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family. We wil be visiting KL on feb. Too bad, we will not see you there anymore.

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