day 488 | june 22, 2011 | Tanjong Beach Club

as mommarazzi, i had a shoot in sentosa in the early morning, and also wanted to scout around for future shoots since i was already in the island. kidnapped roo and red's cousin, and dragged the whole brigade to my scouting trip as a mixed business-pleasure-playdate trip.  it was my first time at tanjung beach, having only gone to siloso and palawan beaches before. the beach club worked the charm for me with nautical yellow, white and blue colors that helped us get into the chillout groove.

 baby red and mae lounge by the daybeds under the shade of a white and yellow umbrella...
 ...while the kids rearrange the sand on the beach, and bury random things including their feet. =)
the most amazing thing about this trip was the roo actually ventured into the beach with her cousin to play with the sand. no sand toys and cajoling were needed, and she took off her sandals by herself. usually, she'd be crying as soon as her foot touched the tiniest of sand, and she'd complain non-stop that she's dirty. i'm glad that phase is over. now to chuck the 'disney princess' phase out. grin. 
red's standard bossy pose in front of the dining table. trying to kick off the foot-atop-the-table habit. she couldn't hardly wait for the food.
loved how the resto provided us with paper and coloring pens to keep the kids occupied. we had a little fun with swirlies.
contemplative roo, barefoot on sand, unafraid of the waves, wind in hair, and a giddily snap happy mommy whose relieved that her fussy little one is finally friends with sand.

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