day 515 | august 20, 2011 | New York Moods

postcard snaps of quintessential nyc sights and sounds. =) view from the top, from below, on a boat, from the subway and while walking around town.

tourists were lining up to see this particular sight. was wondering what was on sale. apparently, the meat market is hot. =)
it rained while i was on the boat, so pardon the droplets on my lens. stress-tested my nifty nikon pair, and happy that they survived my manhandling, especially during this trip. =)
the lady in black has an amazing voice. was about to hop onto a train when i heard her. went looking for her in the maze that is new york's metro and was not disappointed. 
sucessfully managed to capture lightning on top of the rock. =)

1 comment:

*Dream Weaver* said...

love your pics Steph :)
i am sure NYC was awesome. my dream is to one day visit it.

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