day 556 | march 10, 2012 | universal studios play

our first time at universal studios singapore, and while roo, H, and cousin tro could go in most attractions, red and i hung around random spaces. ;) while we were playing with the steps in front of the library, betty boop cooed over roo's cuteness. they look really cool together.

we went as soon as universal opened, so there were a lot less people than in the afternoon. red loved the open space and the fact that i allowed her to pretty much settle anywhere she wanted to, as long as she was safe.

she really loved the yellow lines on the road, and while she was sitting in the middle, a couple of tourists asked to take a photo with her. lol!
 around lunch time, we managed to catch up with friends.
 they had these cooler blasters, which they used to spray each other.
 combine madagascar and a carousel, and it's a definite hit with the kiddies...
 waiting for the show to start
 red, the lounger
C loved snuggling up to red. i think red secretively enjoys all the attention. :)
time somehow flew from 9am - 6pm, and it was parade time. 
love this image of the daddies carrying more than one little one at a time. this is porn for married women. grin.
 waving hello and goodbye to the floats!
 all tuckered out!
 a group shot (where i couldn't manage to get my little ones to sit daintily). grin.
 and topped off with a couple shot! :) H rocked this day, and that deserves extra special mention. :)

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