day 559 | march 5, 2012 | kuala lumpur play

after three years in KL, it's no surprise that we've left a little bit of our heart there -- with lovely friends who greet us with every visit as if no time has passed. roo's boyfriend K is no stranger to this blog. i've posted about one of their 'dates' here.

whenever i travel down to KL with roo, we are always welcomed with open arms and open kitchen (mommy N cooks and bakes yummy stuff) -- and they've become our home away from home. it's amazing how i can head off for shoots, and feel utterly comfortable that roo is having a blast with mommy N, daddy K, bookworm R, and little K. 

we did a shoot for the whole family -- and roo inserted herself as the masked-future-daughter-in-law in one of the shots.
"don't scream at the kids" (dung quat con!) a constant reminder for mommy N, which i find really funny!
every visit there is like a huge slumber party. they play among themselves, watch movies together, and sleep together. they never run out of things to talk about, and you can hear bellows of laughter around the house as they tell each other jokes that nobody else understands. :)
a favorite anecdote of mine is one early morning, daddy K went downstairs even before the sun was up, only to find roo and little K sitting together in the living room couch, in utter darkness, and talking quietly like adults. 
and of course, we meet up with beautiful friends who they used to regularly play with. it's so priceless to see the little ones play and pick-up where they left off. the concept of time to them is so malleable, it doesn't really matter. i hope it stays the same -- for roo and for myself and my friends. :)
we were missing one friend during this playdate, who has already moved back to japan. soon, in a matter of months, the whole playgroup would have dispersed all over the globe -- and it's made explaining the big wide world to roo a much more personally interesting experience for her.
this is the same circle of friends we used to have regular pool playdates and crafty playdates with. and i love how game they are for my silly squishy shoots. :)
goodbyes are always bittersweet... mommy N and daddy K are such inspirations to me in the way they run their family, educate their smart kids through daily activities, consistently pushed for a multi-lingual household, and in how they've kept their marriage strong and beautiful.
on our final night, roo and little K did not want to say goodbye to each other, choosing to play instead.
after much prodding, we managed to get them to give each other goodbye hugs, but it was obvious little K did not want to recognize this as goodbye. don't worry, little one. we will definitely see you elsewhere around the globe. roo is convinced she will see you in paris. :)

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