day 562 | march 15, 2012 | art-for-art's-sake playdates

Super Sunday! Red loves being in the company of her big sister's friends. she wants to be in on the big girl things, she picks up words quickly, and tries to wiggle her way where the action is.

we had a paper cut-out playdate last month, where red wasn't really involved. it's kind of awkward planning a playdate for a 5 year old and a 1 year old together, so most of the playdates i set-up are for roo, knowing that red will find a way to worm herself into it somehow. :) true enough, red learned a few things from and about ipad games.

for march, i thought it would be nice to host a red-themed playdate. red may not be that much of an "active" participant, but we at least involved her in the theme. she loved being the star when we asked her to lie down on paper, and sketched her out, CSI-style. 
laid out a protective layer on the walls and the floor so that the little ones don't make too much of mess.
red gets in on the act. (mommy's watching too much CSI!) we struggled in drawing out her fountain head. :)
mommy E and troven strummed the guitar and tried to create new rock songs using red's first words. somehow, "baby wallet open" sounds completely wrong as an intro line. :)
the rest of the little ones got on to painting red's sketch. i didn't give them any rules -- and told them to draw and color as they pleased. i'm quite fascinated by "group" art, and i love that it gets the girls talking among each other on what they want to do. they pretty much split up red's parts ("i'll color the left leg, you take the right!") and red was soaking it up!
with 7 kids and only 2 mommies, it was a bit of a challenge. but little girls are such darlings. and cousin T, our only boy, was sporting and very grown-up in his helpfulness. the end result of the red-art was an incomplete splatter art -- but that wasn't the point. the key thing is to get the little ones together, get them communicating and expressing themselves, without fear of failure or judgement. i'd like to think we're teaching them to be adventurous and resilient.
after a while, the little ones got attracted to H's gadgets instead. after all, even to adults, game consoles and ipads can be quite compelling. this is why i prefer to have playdates outdoors. (i thought it was going to rain so we opted to stay in.)
red ended up crying after a while, because her big sister's too busy peeling dead skin off her feet. lol. i find this final shot hilarious. :) despite the tears, we'd like to think that red had fun too. 
happy sunday folks!

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Very nice photos!

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