day 622 | june 9, 2012 | circle line stop: botanic gardens

it was a beautiful morning for a walk and a meet-up with a friend, so we carted ourselves to the circle line and stopped at botanic gardens MRT. we love this place for a number of reasons, including the huge botanic gardens, jacob ballas children's garden, and the pretty shops near the station.

beautiful lady L chills out with the kiddies
we wanted to try relish and 3 inch sin, but ended up cozying up at da paolo gastronomia. there's a cold storage and a straits wine company shop at cluny court, which makes it convenient for picking up a few gourmet 'supplies.'
brunch munch!
after brunch, we waited for another friend at island creamery. it was a surprise to find it fairly empty, so roo and red sat anywhere they wanted. we've visited la petite cuisine a few times before, and they serve decent french food at a relatively reasonable price. there's also a dvd shop inside serene court which we love to look around in because they have a collection of foreign titles and art films.
roo and red shared a strawberry treat while i gobbled up cendol flavored ice cream.
finally, to further wear down the kids, we took a long walk from the MRT side of the botanic gardens down to the visitor center area before i packed them into a cab and made our way home. :)
red's version of a jump. notice the slight elevation on the second photo. VERY slight. :)
it was a fairly long walk for a pair of short legs, but they did well. they were tuckered out after this jaunt, but i can't help feeling their endurance has improved much while mine is wearing down. where's that extra battery pack when you need it? :)

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