day 668 | december 15, 2012 | Penang

Penang is one of my favorite places in Malaysia. With a diversity in yummy, fatty-liver-inducing food, a colorful tapestry of cultural heritage, and an openness to the arts, it's a great destination for photographers and non-photographers alike. 

I happened upon images of Chew Jetty in photographer blogs, and immediately added it to my long "list." It's a living heritage community, a reminder of days past when Chinese immigrants settled in the area, and relied on fishing as their primary trade. Nowadays, many who live here have other trades, but effort is being put to conserve the community.
As we were walking around, we noted a few backpackers who seemed to be living in the jetty. I learned later on that there are homestay options, if you'd like to experience Penang in a uniquely meaningful way. Definitely something I would be keen to try next time...
H getting soaked in the rain, while I run about shooting, oblivious to everything else. :) He's a trooper!
It's not often that H gets to accompany me on shoots, more so, to assist me. So I was genuinely surprised when he agreed to come to Penang. Our last couple trip was to the UK way back in '09. With two little ones, I've been travelling more with either or both of the kids, on my own, or as a whole family together. Couple time is pretty hard to come by, so it was great to be able to seize this opportunity. 
For food, we stopped by Sisters Char Kway Teow, New Lane Hawker Center, and Gurney Hawker Center -- and consistently ordered way too much for just 2 people. The good news is, we consistently finished off the food too. Yum! *Rub bloated belly*
Three chilis!
Sugarcane juice is one of my favorites, and is quite easy to find in Singapore too. Unique to Penang, the sugarcane uncle uses an actual Honda engine to squeeze the juice out. It was loud and smelled of motor oil, and while watching him work, I was terrified that his hands would get sucked into the machine. That's authenticity, i suppose. 
More scouting around town...
And a well-deserved spa session along Jalan Penang. Despite the place being right across 'Slippery Senoritas', it was actually a pretty decent place. :)
It was sporadically rainy, but we didn't let the weather hold us down. A feel-good couple trip -- Other than a fabulous day of shooting, Penang was all about scouting, eating, and reconnecting. 

On the hitlist when we visit Penang next:
(1) Dinner at Suffolk House, 250 Jalan Ayer Itam
(2) Lunch at Amelia Cafe, No. 6 Armenian Street
(3) Visit the fruit farms and gorge on Durians and Mangosteens, Teluk Bahang

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