day 676 | may 17, 2013 | Gardens by the Bay

My mom and younger brother were in town for the school holidays, and having them is always a good reason to check out places we've never explored before. It was my first time inside the domes of Gardens by The Bay. Roo and Red went with their daddy several months back, where they waited for me in cool air-conditioned comfort as I photographed clients and played with the sun next doors at Marina Barrage.

It should be a beautiful walk around sundown, even if you simply intend to explore around the general (free) areas. I'd be quite keen to do this again at around 4:30ish or so when the sun's a tad gentler. We went at noon, and other than lunch by the SuperTree, we headed straight in for the domes to stay cool. If you're planning on checking out the domes during these hazy days, they might be a good idea for a bit of indoor-but-outdoors-y activity.
My mom and my daughter :)

Coming from Marina Bay Sands hotel, we leisurely walked all the way to the Gardens. I would not suggest doing it at high noon, as we did. It was a reasonable walk for me, but I'm quite certain it must have been a very taxing walk for Red. 
Whenever I look at these images, I get immensely proud of my little soldier -- as she stepped up to my challenge of being a big girl...

We were out from 10am to 4pm+, and I only had to carry her a couple of times for a total duration of 20 counts each time. Whenever she asks to be carried, I commit to carrying her only for 20 counts, and while she's not particularly happy about it, she knows I'm dead serious. Mid-way, she asked for milk, so we paused and allowed her time to make her milk herself. Plus, she carried her bag the whole time!  
For the most part, she was happily running around and inquiring curiously on different flowers and plants. She's a trooper, this one; and she's all primed up to join me in travel adventures!
Rest stop for the tiny soldier.
She loves trains! :)
Sassy, strong, smart, and kind. These are the characteristics I've aligned with Roo and Red I would like them to grow into. They like it, and it's consistent with some of the messaging they are exposed to from My Little Pony and the some of the Barbie shows they watch.

Sassy's an easy check. Strong looks like a tick in the box too. Continually working on smart and kind. :)
Happy weekend!

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