day 703 | november 30, 2013 | Between Sand and Sky

Whether it's at the beach, on top of a hill, by a lake, or in a vineyard, outdoor weddings always get me excited. It's no surprise that I'm fondly remembering L&C's lovely Boracay wedding, and finally blogging about it. So much inspiration. Lady L did an awesome job planning this (remotely!) and I really do think she can make a career out of wedding planning. :)

Sharing some of my favorite images from the day. Roo and Red enjoyed this one tons. What's more, I've broken down the elements that I loved, in hopes that perhaps this might be helpful to those who are planning their own outdoor wedding. :)

1. Awesome location - It's hard to go wrong with a location like Boracay. The ceremony was held right at the beach, with the sun setting at the horizon. L&C were also especially lucky that the weather was wonderfully cooperative.
2. "Kick your shoes off" - That, to me, is an open invitation to have fun! Lady L provided flip-flops for guests of all ages, but I preferred to kick off my three-inch heels, and happily hop about barefoot in the sand. The kids enjoyed scribbling in the sand, dipping their feet in the sea, giggling and running, as sea foam licked at their toes. 
3. A simple, and heartfelt ceremony - Sun-kissed promises declared against the whisper of waves. Just two people, standing between sand and sky, in the company of closest family and friends. What's not to love?
Gorgeous bride in her va-va-voom gown. :) Love!
4. Lights, Lights, Lights! As a photographer, I loved that there was plenty of light to play with once the sun came down. Cocktail area was well-lit with hanging orbs. The ceremony area had spotlights illuminating the beach, and I had fun shooting Red candidly under the orange glow of the lights.
5. "Let Love Sparkle"- A fun and engaging march-in idea. Guests were armed with plenty of sparklers, and we all coordinated to light up just in time for the couple to open the reception. :)
C, you lucky man! L is gorgeous! :)
6. Canopied dining (with plenty of pretty lighting) - We had dinner at the beach, literally inches away from the waves.
7. Beautiful live music - Soulful vocals of Maan Corsame, backed by the Manila Philharmonic members as part of a string quartet. 
8. Kids' Corner :) :) :) - As a parent, I think this deserves a triple smile. The kids had a space to themselves, where they could mingle with fellow small-folk, and play with sand right after eating. It's right next to the dessert table (score for Red!). And there's even a special appearance by a hermit crab.
 9. Dancing the night away... 
That first look....
"Keep your hands in the safe zone, got it?"
Not quite sure who's leading this dance. :)
10. Fully loaded with sweet stuff - Weddings are a perfect excuse not to hold back on desserts (and wine). And yes, we were the ones who constantly pinched desserts off the table. We're huge fans of sweet endings! :)
That's NOT my hand! :)
This post comes in super late -- heartiest congratulations L&C! :)

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