day 704 | february 15, 2014 | Tinysaurus Red: Scooter

Looking for Touch-me-nots
An episode out of many 'tales of tinysaurus red,' which chronicles Red's toddler misadventures. Sharing this piece because I love how the little ones look out for each other, to the point of sacrificing their personal agenda. That, and sometimes, mommies can be just as manipulative as the little ones.

Roo was scootering ahead of us, while Red and I took a more leisurely pace behind her. I could feel Red slowing down beside me, which meant it wouldn’t be long before she asked me to carry her. True enough, within a few minutes, she complained of leg pain. “My legs are so SO SOOO tired, mommy!” she dramatizes for my benefit.

Showing off proper scooter handling
 “But Red, who will carry your scooter if I carry you?”

“Okay….” she huffed, shoulders hunching forward, “you can carry my scooter and I’ll walk.”

“Remember, your scooter is your responsibility. If you bring it out, you have to bring it back in,” I reminded.

I could see the cogs in Red's three year old brain turning as she mulled over her options, and strategized how to deal with me. Just then, I noticed Roo going into a turn far ahead, which would bring her out of our line of vision.
“Oh noooooo, Red!” It was my turn to dramatize, “we’ve lost Ate Roo!!!”

“What?!?” she exclaimed, frantically looking around, while propping up her scooter, getting ready to go. “Okay, mommy,” she decided. “I better look for her!” 

Off she zoomed, like a tiny superhero with loose shirt and flappy shorts billowing in the wind, tired legs all forgotten.

And the mommy walked leisurely (without having to carry anyone or anything), all the way home. :)

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