day 711 | september 6, 2014 | ROO-saurus and RED-ranodon Party

They wanted Dinosaurs -- and as long as it wasn't princesses, or 'Frozen,' or 'My Little Pony,' I was more than happy to go with their party theme choice.

Red's specific request was to BE a dinosaur in her party. Whether that involved a melt-underneath-thick-Barney-costume, or full-on body painting, she didn't care. As long as she was a dinosaur. I was being merciful when we settled on face-painting and a dino-head. She really gets into character as an awesome miniature!

Roo, on the other hand, was feeling VERY social. When I had asked her to list out people she wanted to invite to the party (I advised 8-10), she gave me a 30+ kids strong list. Two parents each, sometimes a sibling or two, her guest list started to feel like a wedding banquet! Had to sit down with her to get to a fairly decent number she can be happy with. We still ended up with 18-ish kids.

I got fixated on sand. Just had to have it, and was tickled by the idea of having our own sandpit. With H's help, it got done -- and with minimal criminal activity involved. I still wonder though, if I'd been caught taking a bagful of sand from East Coast on my birthday, would I have been arrested? 

Delegated more this year, and simply helped the kids execute some ideas that tickled. Images from the party and preps. Will let the images tell the story! :)
Birthday girls!
Identifying the dinosaurs, so we can pretend to be experts
Preparing to freeze the dinosaurs. Ice Age! :)
Washing the dinos and trees that will go into their cake...
Roo and Red decorated their own cake!
"Today's going to be SOOOOO awesome!!!"
Cheatsheets, and baby Tyrannosaurus footprints
Tinysaurus Red!

ICE AGE: Free your frozen dino, then identify it, so you can keep it.
Lots of smashing involved. I had hoped they would soak the ice in water, or some other slow method.
Dino identification
Sandplay time!
Briefing from our ranger
Littler ones go first...
DINO DIG: Find, identify, keep.
DINO ART: Chalking the pavement

Facepainting with Diana Ruth from ChubbyFairy 
So happy with her bad*ss facepaint! Love that she's a bit of a boy.
Birthday song...
Roo, just soaking up the love from her friends. Just a happy smile!
Wishes and candle blowing!
Friends helped us distribute cake!
Free play!
Apparently, it's quite fun for them to help us bag us the sand. Clean up is play!
Not allowed to go home unless they can identify the dinos in their buckets! :) Final review.
Mission Accomplished: Tired (but happy) angels.


Unknown said...

Oh Steph I love love love love love this party! It sounds like something I would have done for my girls too! Pocket friendly yet dripping with love and a whole deal of fun for the kids plus a side of relak jack for parents. Yay! Super yay!!!

Ps was H dressed like a ranger intentionally?
Ps I also "stole" a bag of sand from the beach for sensory play! Haha

themishmashmess said...

what an awesome party!!! if i were a passer-by, i'd gate crash!

Susan said...

That looked some an awesome dino party! Love all the ideas you had from the games, props and activities.

Happy belated birthday Red!

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