day 718 | December 28, 2014 | Penang Roadtrip

The great thing about having a long-time group of amazing friends you and your kids click with, is that even the craziest ideas can easily morph into bizarre reality. I've driven from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur before -- and taken a bus from Kuala Lumpur to Penang. But never did I imagine that we would do the whole stretch in one go.

6-7 hours, the boys said. They were driving, so figured, they would know what they're talking about. Each way ended up being 12-13 hours. Thankfully, the little ones were some of the easiest kids to travel with. Non-stop rain on the day we arrived, but blessed with a couple of days of lovely sunshine. 5 giddily happy kids, who sang an endless stream of Taylor Swift. Yummy sinful food galore. Uncountable calories which translated to at least 2 kgs of weight gain. (Spot the belly!) Any regrets? None at all. Okay, maybe that I should have gobbled more! Oh, and next time, we're gonna fly!

What the little ones enjoyed:
Pillow fight in the hotel room
G Hotel swimming pool
Bouncing on top of beds and couches
Adventure Zone Indoor Playground (Escape Eco-Adventure Park, if it wasn't raining)
Sing-alongs to Taylor Swift's top hits! Here's a cover/mash-up I actually don't mind.

For the grown-ups:
Gurney Drive Hawker Food (better as take-away and dine picnic-style in room)
Hunting down good food
Penang Heritage Trail
Cheong Fatt Sze (Blue Mansion) Guided Tour
Beach massage

What we're going back for:
Malihom Retreat
Durian Season at a Durian farm!

Driving through clouds...
Ipoh stop-over
Tucked in for the long journey
G Hotel view
Some trips are defined by awesome companions...
Tired bunny
Snuggle bunny

Shot taken by Roo
Penang Old Town
All for the love of Cendol
Love how the green just envelopes everything...
Blue Mansion also offers boutique accomodation

Guided tour of Blue Mansion
Doesn't matter where we are; We carry the fun
Misty view

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