day 731 | February 5, 2015 | Gigs in Manila

Memories tied to music -- how the first human boy I had a crush on introduced me to Sarah McLachlan. NU107 radio station playing the soundtrack of my youth. That specific day, humming to 'The Freshman' by The Verve Pipe as I was getting ready to go out with friends. Classmates strumming 'Closing Time' by the staircase as we waited to be picked up in school. That crystal clarity of Brandon Boyd taking his shirt off as he sang 'Pardon Me.' Sneaking off at midnight to travel all the way to Intramuros to sit entranced while Cynthia Alexander strummed and hummed her way into my soul. Throwing ourselves in the air as Sandwich jammed to 'Butterfly Carnival,' when Mayrics was still around. 'Bittersweet Symphony.' Discovering Dave Matthews Band, and Jeff Buckley... just wow. Receiving mixtapes and then making them for friends. And yes, even coming home past sunrise because of Hip Hop nights. 

So happy to have been able to connect to music again, coming back to Manila. This time around, in the company of my mom, a very dear friend, her beloved, and old friends from primary school days. Caught my latest crush, Franco, live in 12 Monkeys, a relatively new music bar. Then later on, Armi of Up Dharma Down in 19 East, an old haunt. Inspiration, Heartbreak. Distraction, Love.

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