day 725 | July 17, 2015 | Reconnecting in Kuala Lumpur

KL City View from our hotel room
It has started -- Roo and Red are now actively curating what I post online. Got the sense for this particular trip, Roo specifically wanted to remember. Was nagged more than a dozen times with reminders to blog, along with follow-ups after the trip on whether the images were ready for posting. I pre-selected the images, then they reviewed it for approval (Something's wrong with this process!). Soon, the words flowing on these pages will be theirs too.

They shared snippets of what they enjoyed about the trip, and I was their insight-hungry journal keeper. Things that topped the list were (1) hydrotherapy swimming pool at Maya Hotel, which was perfect for Roo's height and featured jacuzzi jets in every corner, (2) Japanese meals at an old favorite Ozeki, ranked 5 stars for the lovely service and fat fishes, and Yuzu, unremarkable at 3 stars, (3) Choosing books at Kinokuniya, and (4) Chilling out during the bus ride, with movie, music and games on the console, green view from the window, and ready snacks on their laps. I'd like to think another thing on their list is being together as a family -- their mother, their father, each other.

Remember the good days, learn from the bad, and choose to remain open and vulnerable despite it all. This was important to me, and while the little ones probably don't understand yet the significance of this trip during the time we planned it, perhaps when they grow older, they will understand our intention. They are loved so so much, and I want them to grow up in a doubtless awareness of that.
Snuggle hugs. Intricately intertwined.

Little gypsies
Comfy seats
Maya Lobby
Tickled at the sight of a reasonably sized bathtub
We were worried she had Dengue. Didn't stop her from looking for adventures though
Infinite number of Roos and Reds
Late night work
"Mommy, you're the best chef ever!" Comment earned after letting them try instant noodles
From whole fish... bite-sized slices. Yum!
Adding titles to my must-read
Comic Book version of "The Graveyard Book." Love!
Couldn't stop reading!
Night view at the lounge
Scribbles, messages, and "When God Was a Rabbit"
Our only snap at the pool
See you again soon, KL!

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