day 735 | November 22, 2015 | Pink Rajasthan

Jaipur has imprinted itself on senses. Cool winter air contrasted with sunlit explorations, lovely weather for walks up hill forts and beautiful palaces. The rich texture of lassi served in a handmade claypot cup from a hole in the wall shop off MI Road. That first sip of sweet candy coffee in Jaigarth Fort after a morning hike. The simple perfection of a thaali with Naan, Aloo Gobi, Palaak Paneer, and Dal, topped off with Kheer and Kulfi. Dining under the stars like a rajput in Amber Fort, and trying local classics like Laal Maas, and the softest goat meat I've ever tasted.

So many things yet to see, and come back to -- a few of which are Blue Jodhpur, Brown Jaisalmer, and White Udaipur. I do feel like I missed out on some of the stories, and will need to do more readings. But alas, the list grows longer.

Let the photos tell stories...
View from Jaigarth
View from our room
Hill forts, left and right
Amer, at night
Hawa Mahal
Jaipur Palace

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