day 736 | July 29, 2016 | Restaurant ANDRE

Octaphilosophy Menu for the day
This restaurant has been on my list for a long while now, even before the Michelin Stars were awarded. So when a friend of mine buzzed that she was flying to Singapore, and specifically focusing on Restaurant Andre, I checked the price list, checked my bank account,  reshuffled by dining budget, and responded with a hearty "YESSSSS!" to weekday lunch.

I felt the pinch in my wallet, but by golly, no regrets. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience, all the little details, and perhaps the extra attentiveness (and extra alcohol) we got because of my companion. One of the best dates ever, for this year, at least. :)

Won't muddle it with words. Let the images and the food tell the story. :) Capturing happy tummy memories to fondly look back on.
Lovely dining area 
Their wine list is a book!!! :) So beautiful
Wild Mushroom Tart, with 7 different types of mushrooms  
Pineapple Gin & Tonic, with soil
"Spring Tree" of Cabbage Curry, Swiss Chard, and Potato Vinegar
Apple Celeriac with Wild Flowers
Snacks - Find the redefined "Fish and Chips", Prawn Head, and Abalone/Liver/Crispy Kombu
Hint -- this was the "Fish and Chips"
Butternut / Salted Egg / Vanilla looking like a mock Orange slice
Charcoal (mixed in with real Charcoal) and Piquillos 
Loved this! Gillardeau Oyster Tartare, Cured Lardo
Wine pairings
 Another favorite! Horse Mackerel, Shima-aji & Trotter Broth
Bridging the class divide - Burnt Beef Tongue Salad, Ruban of Butternut Squash, with Warm Foie Gras Soup
Cleanest plate, short of licking it down!
Wine colours a-shifting!
Chicken cooked while wrapped in seaweed, Pandan, and black bread!
Chicken revealed!
Salt-baked Poulet de Bresse, Grilled Leek Flower, Egg noodles, Tasmanian Truffle and Emulsion  
Red Grapes Slices, White Peach Parfait, Bergamote
My date and Chef Andre 
Pretty glasses, and pretty pottery
Andre's own Camember with Hay Ice Cream 
Dessert Tray is a wooden sewing box, which you can open up!
Cherry Coke Chupa Chups 
Smoked Financier
"Kaya Toast"
Restaurant prepares for Dinner service
Private dining space for small groups :)
Saying a reluctant goodbye to the lovely team! :)

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