day 585 | june 15, 2012 | art garden play

rushed over from work and a fairly stressful meeting to bring the little ones over for some art museum play. i'm glad i found out about singapore art museum's "children's season" school holidays programme from mommy S last year. roo and i were eagerly anticipating it this year. so when the SMB mommies posted an open invitation, we definitely wanted to be there.

we managed to take shots with some of our new friends, though we didn't have much chance to interact after these shots. ;)
i do love shooting roo and red at play together. it's my very own personalized form of therapy.
roo loved this floral pattern most out of the other designs in the exhibit. in classic red behavior, the littlest one decided to copy whatever her big sister is doing. :)
roo gets sucked into colouring black hole, while red marches around the area trying to find a use for herself. all else fails, it's back to imitating her big sister.
we enjoyed watching other people being silly -- but the little runts were very shy to be silly themselves while we were in the booth.
they recycled "walter the rabbit" and this "dress me up" exhibit from last year's children's season, but the kids still loved it!
 red curates other people's art work, and stacks them. :)
roo loved the "fairy light" from this glow-in-the-dark night garden exhibit, while red found it scary. love the avatar look on roo.
personally, i was mildly disappointed as the exhibit felt a bit kitschy and redundant -- and for modern art, didn't really push the envelope. it's a letdown if most of the kids are more engaged in fill-in-the-image type of colouring -- something which we could have easily done at home. perhaps i'm expecting too much. overall, tons of fun to simply let the kids explore based on their curiosities; a fuss-free way of wearing them down. and they were truly tired after all that running about!
(parting shot: a shot with me, and the kids were too exhausted to smile. grin)

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Unknown said...

love love love the pics! may i have those with poppy, please?

we disappeared cos we spent almost all our time in the movie room, breastfeeding! haha

Itchyfingers said...

Really awesome pictures! Ur girls are gorgeous, and I especially love the pic of the three girls in ponytails, how cute is that!!!

The Art Garden this time around looks tremendously fun with much more interactive exhibits, will definitely be going down soon!!

pc said...

LOVE all the pictures, esp the first one~!

Great meeting with you and others finally:)! and I totally agree that "shooting the kids is a very own personalized form of therapy".

Hope to catch up with you again:).

libpuritan said...

thanks adora, pc! it was great meeting everyone! :) you could tell which ones are the blogger moms as the cameras are almost always out. :) hopefully, we manage more grown-up time in the next meet-up though. :)

nadia, yes, you must! :) it's quite fun -- roo wants to go back again, but we hadn't done the national museum yet, so that's in the agenda too before school starts.

Ai Sakura said...

Love the pictures!! And of the matching outfits.. so cute :) Pity I couldn't make it but do hope to meet u at an SMB outing one day..

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Ming said...

Nice pics! Looking at the sister-outfits reminds me of my own childhood with my sis... though I doubt we looked as cute together though. :)

June said...

Hey Steph, it was lovely meeting you and roo and red in person! Beautiful pics! I also feel the same way about the exhibition as a whole, but oh well the kids had fun all the same. Vera was quite happy to have caught a short film on 'Lost and Found' about a boy and his penguin friend (we've got the book version)...oh yes, all the best as you begin a new chapter! =)

MummyMOO said...

Very nice pics... the kids sure had lots of fun!

I totally love how colour co-ordinated they were in the group shot, too!

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