day 599 | june 10, 2012 | a marco polo adventure

i told roo there was something special going on at the asian civilizations museum; so with some pushing (and shouting instructions while preparing baby bag), we managed to leave the house with a bleary eyed red. on the way to the train station, while looking out for touch-me-nots, we saw some mushrooms which popped up after the rain.

 and made silly shadows while waiting for the pedestrian crossing signal lights to change...
 and squished a still bleary-eyed red in her new buggy! :)
saw a bird drying his wings in the sun, and we initially worried over him, thinking that he was injured until he flew away quite gracefully.
red's quite friendly to being shot now. so managed to get happy shots of her with pretty lighting.
roo, on the otherhand, is a trained poser. grin. i now struggle to get a genuine smile from her as she gives this rehearsed toothless smile whenever she sees a camera pointed at her.
 having fun in arabia. :)
red thought the hookah was a phone
 and i took the opportunity to get a shot of me in. :) 
they had a coloring station (which seems to be the norm for most of the museums we visited), and red crawled up to conquer the table.
 acm tattoos
we actually explored the museum simply waiting for roo's turn to go for a marco polo adventure -- which is a guided interactive tour of the museum for kids. roo was excited but wary at the same time. but as soon as the tour started, she quickly forgot to look for me. :)
the 'leader' did a quick check of where the kids were from, and when they called out for those who came from the philippines, she raised her hand up without hesitation. :) funny how these little things make me teary. (damned hormones). 
they found out about thousand year-old shipwrecks, sunken treasures, southeast asia's hindu-buddhist kingdoms, shiva dance, different types of kris and how all of them have odd-numbered curves, a martial art called silat, indian textile patterns, the tree of life (ygdrassil in indian textile), how the 5-clawed dragon can only be worn by the emperor during the zhou dynasty, mughal india's beautiful architecture, and taj mahal's enduring testament to love.  
roo specifically requested for a photo with the princess. :) 
then promptly went into twilight zone for an hour color her 'wayang kulit' girl and elephant.
showing off her 'wayang kulit' puppets (which are now dead and torn after red went through them). 
we're back to looking at the world map and marking out where she wants to go next. found acm to be my favorite of the set of museums we visited for the school holidays. a fun afternoon with lots of new learnings and a little bit more understanding on our heritage, and cultural influences.

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