day 624 | august 25, 2012 | spotty layla and stripy Z

it's party month for us yet again, and let me start it off by sharing images from a recent 'Stripes! Spots!' party we loved. mommy E talks about the preparations for their party on her blog.

lots of prettiness in their party, which kind of makes me feel the pressure for roo and red's. eeks! mommy E was so busy shooting pretties, she required a little bit of pushing to get into the standard cake and candle family shot. :)
met other fab mommies and babies i've been hearing about and reading from, including steph and little M.
 loving the sparkling eyes and warm smiles!
the kids had a mini-shoot outside. wanted to get some images of roo and red wearing their birthday gift dresses (from my mom).
 the kids improvise by painting faces on their balloons...
 and i get to play around a bit with my own birthday gift. :) grin.
belated happy birthday layla!
 and happy birthday Z!

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