day 65 | july 14, 2008 | Pamilacan Island, Philippines

Dragged ourselves out of bed (including baby) for a sunrise sail out to Pamilacan Island, where dolphins are known to hang out and play with visiting boats.

Pamilacan is a is a short boat ride away from Panglao Island in Bohol, where we were staying. Its name is derived from 'pilak', which is a large hooked tool which the islanders used to capture the manta rays, whale sharks, and dolphins the area is known for.

It was a beautiful morning, and the boat crew were hopeful that we'd be fortunate enough to meet some happy dolphins. After testing our patience, we finally saw them! A school of dolphins were dancing in the water, twirling in the air, and generally enjoying the captivated audience of tourist boats around the island. Made our day!

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