top ten: dark art

top ten things i enjoyed in bustling bangkok - dave letterman style:

4. dark art, i like

now, art in bangkok is not all dark. but i did notice in this trip that i tended to lean towards darker, more contemplative pieces. the glass buddha was quite beautiful, it must have taken a lot of work. there were a lot of pieces representing various themes like frailty, poverty, the beauty of the human body, loss of innocence, and elephants! lots of elephants!

two of my faves are the buddha depictions in red. in both, he is being attacked by all sorts of demons, and he is holding up a calm hand to still them. he looks serene, untouchable, and totally in control. i am somehow wistful for that kind of strength, a strength that comes from knowing and understanding completely what you are and what you are meant to do.


Anonymous said...

steph, your pics in Bangkok are really amazing! Kakainggit ka...have to go there someday! :)

glad to see you enjoyed your trip!

Nicholas Leong said...

Wow I missed 8 postings in the 4 days that I was away.

The Bangkok pictures are brilliant :)

libpuritan said...

thanks kg. i've always wanted to go back with camera in hand. somehow, the experience is enhanced when you look at things as a photographer. =)

highly recommend going there. hope the anti-government protest eases soon though.

hi nick, as i mentioned before, i'll be posting in intermittent bursts. thanks for the compliment. looking forward to more of your wedding set. i love the flower and bug set before that too. showed my hubby, and i didn't have to pinch him for him to say "wow! nat geo quality"

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