day 224 | may 21, 2009 | tant-roo-ms

i'm fast realizing how utterly equipped roo is to manipulate me. i was checking my emails earlier this week, when she busied herself with finding a cup. she found a cup riddled with ants and approached me saying "mommy, wash cup." i looked at her, pleased that she's being smart about NOT using dirty cups. so i "advised" her to go get another cup, and leave the one she's holding on the sink.

of course, it's not that simple. a two-year old little runt like her gets attached to things, and at this moment in time, no other cup will do, except the ant riddled one she was holding. so she said again, "no mommy. wash cup!"

at this point, i decided to repeat myself, then ignore her, to see if she would comply. 

instead, she stood beside me quietly for a few minutes. just standing. just holding her cup. just stewing.

after a while, she looked up to me in all her big eyed, small nosed, cute lipped, adorable babyness, and whispered carefully, "mommy..."

"yes, baby," i replied in worried whisper

"...i miss you."

crack open. yes, that was my heart. but the beautiful torture did not end.

"mommy ..."

i knelt down to look at her at eye level, wondering what was so terribly wrong...

"..i love you" she whispered in her tiny voice. 

"i love you too baby!" i enthused, all happy and hugging her tightly.

then she pushed me away, and passed me her cup. 

"ok mommy." she smiled with shining eyes, the way only children can.  "wash!"

yeap, and that's how the mommy ended up washing the cup.


Anonymous said...


Amino @ Lordmint said...

smart smart ginger..
mommy got conned into doing things for lil ginger! LOL.

Josiet said...

Hahahaha!!! yeah, toddlers can be manipulative if they want to.

Ai-Ling said...

lol. i agree with u. kids can be very manipulative :D

Anonymous said...

hey steph,

haven't checked out your page in a while. i've seen the huge jump in the qualtiy of your photos. GALING!!!


kg said...

i love this! sooo cute! :)

libpuritan said...

thanks gab. =) beaming you a big smile right now. =) i hope to grow some more.

gi, lordmint, josiet, ai ling, kg: yeap. the mommy has to learn some adaptive tactics. =)

mordsith said...

very clever. :)

i almost thought you'd cry when she said "i love you" but she suddenly said "wash"! hilarious. :)

pia said...

hahaha so did she get that from mommy or daddy ? :)

Unknown said...

haha. galeng naman ni ginger :) cute! i miss you!

janet said...

this cracked me up. LOL! she is so smart.

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