day 257 | june 20, 2009 | Cambodia-Vietnam Border

Taking the cross-country bus from Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh, we had a good view of the Cambodian countryside, a quick cruise across the Mekong, as well as experienced some of the madness in the Cambodian-Vietnamese border. For a USD15-25 one-way trip which is estimated to take around 10-12 hours, it is definitely an experience on its own. 

Sitting in that bus, listening to cambodian slapstick radio drama 70's style, picking up and dropping off people right in front of their homes, and sharing the same space with backpackers and locals alike, you can't help but soak up the strangeness of it all. This is the land that the world forgot, and is now quickly remembering.

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Nicholas Leong said...

More travelling! Gasp I also need to travel :D

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