day 452 | april 12, 2011 | Portobello Mushroom Burgers

Mommarazzi tries out being a vegetarian domestic goddess. Once a week, I like trying to cook something vegetarian for the family -- just to keep things balanced. The operative word here being 'TRY.' I've tried and failed in several recipes, and my family still ate them. For most of the recipes I try, I don't really know how they're supposed to taste like, so it's truly experimental in all senses of the word. I'm proud this time around though, because the food was actually quite edible at the end of my experimentation.

Found the recipe for portobello mushroom burger here: I first tried a version of it at Jarrod and Rawlins, then at Delicious in KL. I thought Delicious' version with pesto mayo and bits of sundried tomatoes was the better of the two, and made a mental note to try it at home if i ever happen upon big enough portobello mushrooms in the grocery.

Didn't stick to the recipe and made my own improvisations (as usual). Grin. We didn't have oregano, basil, or provolone cheese, so i replaced it with Avocado, a little bit of yogurt, red peppers, and onions. Turned out okay! Roo, who is a huge fan of veggies and mushrooms, was quite pleased with this dish. It will likely make a repeat appearance in my kitchen. =)

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