day 471 | june 19, 2011 | happy daddy's day!

'A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty' (unknown).

This is then addressed to the 'richest' man I know. The 'job' involves kissing baby feet, tickling gassy tummies, dancing even though we all know you can't, monitoring roo's ipad passwords, walking up and down the hallway to put red to sleep, teaching mandarin, changing smelly poop-filled diapers, going along with many play-pretend stories, being everyone's pack horse, and playing on the floor with the little ones even though you're dead tired from work. The smiles I see in roo and red's faces along with the frenetic pitter-patter of feet running towards the door whenever you come back home to us speaks for itself.  It's in the little everyday unappreciated things that love seeps through and leaves an indelible impression on the little ones. Hugs and drooly kisses of appreciation from your spice girls!

To all the awesome daddies I know, happy daddy's day!

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