day 483 | july 7, 2011 | picnic art play date

roo and i have been dating our friends a lot, and it's been great. singapore feels more like home every day because of these connections we make.

i've always wanted to paint with flowers and do an art picnic at the botanic gardens, and roo was definitely onboard with my idea, so we invited a few friends over to hang out with us. the kids had fun walking around to pick up interesting leaves and flowers that they could use to create patterns or perhaps as a paintbrush. the painting bit was tricky as some of the flowers didn't really leave a strong imprint to create patterns. even the mommies got in on the painting to try to make some of the flower patterns work. =)
definitely a fun and inspired way to spend an afternoon. the kids had a blast, and created art for art's sake. red, the little munchter, gobbled up all the snacks while we were painting. =)
just love this three-way handholding thing they got going... =)
happiness... =)

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Kids Worksheets said...

Lovely kids and awesome photography.

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