day 478 | july 13, 2011 | cinemagraph babies

my first two tries with creating cinemagraphs. here's the link on how to do cinemagraphs.  if you're planning on doing these, i would highly recommend using a tripod and a still subject. kids aren't really the easiest to ask to stay still. grin. these were both handheld, and that bit gave me some hurdles to jump in the processing.

shooting roo was easy, as she's a naturally contemplative girl. just asked her to sit by the balcony, and the scene was done. red, on the other hand, was a little bit of a challenge. =)
we all had a laugh at this non-stop chewing shot of red. this is so her, the little munchter!

for better examples of cinemagraphs, check these out. =) will likely be playing around with this further.

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