day 492 | august 13, 2011 | in love with the californian sun

Flooding this space with straight out of camera shots from Ches and Arni's Los Gatos ranch wedding. Was the maid of honor, so only took shots when I wasn't busy running around for final details — to be in front of the camera again, quite anxious about how I looked. Grin. Know it's all good though as their photographer, Christina Richards, is super fab!

after months of emailing each other options for the tiniest details of the wedding, it is such magic to see everything come together, and come together so beautifully. i think ches and arni made an excellent decision when they decided to keep this celebration as intimate as they could make it. not more than 60-people strong, it made for a warm enviroment to reconnect with old friends as well as to make new friends. =) i also think that ches and arni made an excellent choice with radonich ranch and marky of vignette events. the venue is beautiful and marky did a great job interpreting the look we were going for. extra points for giving us plenty of hugs while doing it! =)
love the flowers!
ches's parents who still feel teenager-y in love everytime i look at them. 36 years strong, and such an inspiration.
 our beautiful flower girl, K.
 my flowers and the paris guestbook.
a table set aside for kids' goodie bags and a space to color. i'm so proud to have such thoughtful friends. =) *beaming*
the dinner setting by the barn
 they named each table after their favorite restaurants. =)
 wished i could take one of the little ones as a souvenir for home. =) so so adorable.
the menu read so yummily. the spinach salad and grilled tri-tip were super good. ches with her beautiful aunts.
smiles and tears during the speeches. =)
after the speeches, it was time for croquembouche cake cutting and dessert bar opening. the desserts are an entity of their own. will need to try the alfajores before i go, cause they ran out pretty fast! =)
playtime in the outdoors, with a beautiful setting sun. i wish i could pack away the cali sun and bring it to shoot with me. =)
congrats arni and ches! looking forward to seeing you guys 36 years from now, still laughing, talking, and dancing like newly married folks. =)


Steven Leong said...

Interesting style, steph. Like the feel of it. ;-)

suyen said...

steph- these photos are gorgeous! we love them! thank you so much for coming and helping us out! :D i could not have done it without you! my parents love their photo and want to frame it! :P

hugs, hugs-
ches and arni

MIGSMOM said...

Hi Steph, this is Ches' cousin, what a privilege to have U as my cousin's BFF & maid of honor for life, much more their lifestyle photographer!! You are truly a gifted person with a touch of class and an eye for beauty from the most simplest sceneries...please add me in your email list to just have a glimpse of your hobby! The shot you took of my son, Miggee and nephew Ian was breathtaking! What a photos of them to treasure, as these 2 boys grow up as cousins...bestfriends! Thank U for sharing your crafts with us thru your website. My email is If u dont mind, I would love a copy of my son's photos:) God Bless U & your family. Annette S. Estrada

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