day 497 | august 15, 2011 | San Francisco Eats

my tummy has it's own travel memories, and what fond memories they are. i love good food, and san francisco is rife with favorites — farm fresh vegetables and fruits, varieties of cheeses, great seafood, and plenty of good wine to pair any meal with. here is a tribute to food i enjoyed. =) don't blame me if you start getting hungry midway through this post.

scoma's is part of the story why i'm in san francisco. five plus years ago, i introduced two friends to each other at scoma's embarcadero, the same two friends who are now married. during this trip, i found out about about the scoma's in sausalito which is in a pretty little restored waterfront house walking distance from the sausalito port. took the boat from fisherman's wharf, and gobbled my way through large butter fried scallops dusted in parmigiano cheese and sauteed with lemon beurre blanc sauce. paired it with a riestling, and was off to a happy start to my sausalito island exploration. =)
on the day of ches and arni's wedding, the girls' wedding day breakfast was at los gatos coffee roasting, a quaint cafe on main steet in los gatos which i noted the day we arrived in the area. they served a lot of stuff, but i can't remember any because my brain zoomed in on the spinach, mushroom, and goat cheese crepe. yum. paired it with a well-balanced amaretto latte. just enough amaretto for the after-taste to roll in your tongue.
the day after the wedding, we stopped by the ferry building in san francisco city after i checked in my hotel. il cane rosso is one of ches and arni's favorite places, so i was definitely intrigued. their menu is quite simple. the one thing that makes it stand out though are the farm fresh ingredients used, probably transported through the port. i ordered myself a beef brisket sandwich, with roasted cherry tomato conserva, tarragon aioli and arugula. yum. struggled with the huge servings though.
a few hours before my flight to new york, after i packed all my stuff, i decided to chill out at a place near my hotel. right across from me was villa florence, which housed bar norcini, a well-reviewed little place along the powell street cable car line.
had a wild time with their salumi and cheese selections. they had a deal of USD$15 for 5 different types of cheeses, which sounded perfect to me as an in-between nibble. wasn't in the mood for wine though, so i requested for an irish creme latte which they kinda jinxed (too much irish creme). perhaps i should have indulged in another glass for the day.
there's never enough time to try all the yummy food, so i'm maintaining a dream list for frisco:
(1) head up to napa and bliss out through a nine-course tasting menu of michelin-rated yumminess at french laundry (with the H, ideally.) =)
(2) feast on fresh oysters at the swan oyster depot in polk street.
(3) try the tasting menu at quince.

off i go creating a foodie hit list for singapore too. =)

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