day 508 | september 18, 2011 | roo and red's craft day!

a super fun day with friends and artistic little ones! their art works far exceeded what i expected from the day's session, and the mommies and daddies were all participative in helping their little ones get the best work out there. =) we planned a party where roo and red's friends can design their own photo frame and make their own bracelet/necklace using beads.

some of roo's friends combined beadwork and photoframe design. =) the end result looked super cool. roo and i have to set aside time to try this again.
notice that the boys seemed to have taken brazil's colors. grin. =) footie.
red lingered by the food table, before she went off to sleep. =)
pretty pretty cupcakes from let them eat cake! =) thanks mei zee! love the scissors and patchwork design.
after the craft session, the kids had a super time running around and blowing bubbles!
we opened up a box of colored chalk and the kids went wild with coloring the ground. =)
the party ended a couple of hours longer than we expected it to run. grin. thanks to our guests who helped make roo and red's day a fab one. =) we had a super time and hope you guys did too! =)

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V said...

Oh the party looked fun!! :D

Unknown said...

That chalk drawing idea is such a good one. Great use of the outside surroundings :)

libpuritan said...

Jasmine, didn't plan the chalk at all. credit goes to the kids! ;) they come up with fun things to deal with boredom.

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