day 538 | december 18, 2011 | there's no business like 'munky bizniz'

roo's first time to be a flower girl, and i was seriously on 'stage mom' mode. after a couple of years of growing up with wedding photos i've taken, she finally got a chance to soak up the girliness of it all — the dress fitting, the shoe shopping, flowers in hair, and the walk down the aisle. we were stuck in traffic from paranaque to greenhills for 2 hours! and i almost thought we would miss the march in. we barely caught it in time, to insert roo right before the beautiful maid of honor. =)

M+P is one of my favorite couples -- all cool, and real, and inspiring. engaged for two years, i caught up with them for a shoot a couple of years back, and i loved how down to earth they were about the realities of marriage. their connection is strong, and you can see it when they're together. but it is also wonderfully sober. they were not going in on a blinded high.

it was a real honor to share in their joy and quirkiness during their celebrations, and i think many couples can take inspiration from their sass. P rocked her gown, and showed off her gorgeous tatts well. loved tita's dreadlocks as well. how often do you see a rasta mom-of-the-bride?
 a view of P's sexilicious back, and M's happy laugh. =)
after the ceremony, i couldn't resist squeezing into the front and taking snaps of roo with the rest of the flower girls. made sure to stay out of the main photography team's way though. =)
C3 events space in greenhills had these cool gauzy light balls hanging off the ceiling, which kind of makes me think of planets and solar systems. (and yes, this is before i even started on the alcohol).
'Munky' is the phonetic combination of their names, and they were bold enough to execute a monkey-themed wedding infused with plenty of pop culture. they had monkey dolls hanging off the stage backdrop, had a yellow four-tiered choco-banana cake, and each table was named after famous monkeys like Mojo Jojo, Bubbles and King Kong.

for the programme, they prepared games that involved every one of their guests and rewarded participants with handpicked personalized prizes. the song for their first dance was performed by a band they are friends with, and to top that off, the groom himself performed and rocked out on stage.
i'm also proud to have such thoughtful friends who set aside a kids' corner where the little ones can monkey around with coloring materials, and make a mess. it was clear from the get-go that their intention is to give everybody a great experience. roo easily found a friend who kept her company as she collected and distributed confetti; and it gave me the space to have fun myself. =)
a couple who is willing to break out of the mold and always great company to hang out with. =) loved your party and loved being in your party, M+P. loved catching up with some of my high school friends as well. thanks for having us, and many great years ahead!
ooh, and i'm not surprised to find out that their wedding is featured by rebellious brides blog here:

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