day 557 | november 5, 2011 | jacob ballas play

jacob ballas children's garden (jcbg) and the botanic gardens are some of our favorite places in singapore to meet up with friends and get active. it's a great place to let kids be kids -- and teach them random stuff too. roo will always gravitate to the water play area. a favorite of mine is the hedge maze. hope to bring roo to a bigger maze as this one's a piece of cake for her. :)

the tree house and the slide are red's picks -- and it seems even lady L is getting in on the tree house action. :)
we all love the open spaces and the little adventures/missions we can have whenever we explore the gardens. sometimes, it's picking off different shaped leaves and flowers, counting games, or looking for mushrooms, or gathering smooth stones. red tends to pick up all sorts of random stuff we never agreed on. grin.
i used to struggle to get roo and red to play in the sand, but with frequent exposure to the sandpit area at jcbg, they now enjoy sandplay and don't mind some dirt (though i still get chased down for wet wipes). 
 i do often mix my scouting trips with playdates, and roo is always keen to help me "test" the location. :)
soon, as red gets bigger, i look forward to actually sitting back, reading a book, and drinking iced coffee on a lounge chair while the two spices run around and explore together. right now, i still gotta chase the littlest one down else she eat the bird poop or that strange reddish rock off the ground.
thanks lady L for this shot! :)

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