day 554 | february 18, 2012 | bouncy play

Super Sundays. This week is a school break, so from today until next sunday, I'm dedicating all my daily posts to Roo and Red and our playdate adventures. I will be posting cool and fun ways to spend time with the little ones!

This is our own little way to support the new legislation that makes it mandatory for helpers in Singapore to get a day off every week (something which helpers in many other countries around the world have been enjoying for a long time now).
A lot of the arguments against this new law seem to forget certain simple truths: (1) it is our primary responsibility as parents to take care of our own little ones. If your helper is your kids' primary go-to person, there is something fundamentally wrong. (2) Helpers are humans and need rest days too. How would you feel working without any of your rest days? Funny how such a simple point can be missed, and (3) Family time is important. Set aside exclusive (unwired) time with your little ones, and invest on their emotional well-being.
For this sunday, we played with an inflatable bouncy slide from the singapore toyclub, and had a splashin' great time. At least, roo and her friends had fun on the slide. The parents had fun chilling out and watching, trying to catch up on adult conversation. I had fun watching them, taking shots from the edge of the castle, and trying not to get my camera soaking wet! :)

 Red was a tad shy this day, so she just watched on curiously like a little joey in daddy's arms.
I tried to convince her to splash with me into the water, but that wasn't so successful. She's waiting for the food to come out! :)
Love these sibling moments while red was being changed. The connection between the two is so beautiful. The ET/through-the-glass shot is a favorite!
After sunset yummy dinner from our host, we topped things off by trying a place we haven't been to before called cocogelo for some artisan gelato. Slurp. Way to end the day. ;)

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