day 547 | february 9, 2012 | pure play

i might be biased, but i can't get enough of watching my two little tyrants together. they're so different, and yet essentially the same. give them time, company, and playfulness, and they give back so much love and energy at you. their smiles give me happy little deaths everyday. and there is such light and inspiration in their unguarded play; a fraction of which, i hope i am able to capture and communicate in my work.

the two of them love boxes and closets and random enclosed spaces as toys. i think it's the joy of being tiny, you can insert yourself in a lot of random places. i've once almost had a heart attack looking for red for close to half an hour, wondering where i could have possibly lost her, only to find the closet door opening with a giggling red trying to say 'boo.'

another one of red's new hobby is squishing. whatever little space there is which her big sister is occupying, she will try to wiggle her way in and force her big sister to make room for her. plenty of seats in the house, yet for red, the best one will always be the one roo is sitting on. :) at least now, only one patch of the floor gets messy during meal times.
we had a mini-shoot for roo's school assignment -- which is basically to showcase her new traditional clothes for chinese new year. to get a plain backdrop, we shot against the curtain. red was intrigued by the hullaballoo and wanted to join in. ;) this was a fun way to wrap up a shoot.
thank goodness we didn't spoil the curtains with all the pulling and roughhousing :)
 the whole house is a playground and i wouldn't have it any other way. :)
just an inspiring day with the girls where we have fun with stuff around the house. happy sunday!

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Unknown said...

"The whole house is a playground and I wouldn't have it any other day". I'm with you on that, Steph :)

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