day 593 | june 20, 2012 | kidnap happy

roo and layla. "old married couple" indeed. i was so happy to find a great friend for roo here in singapore (or maybe, mommy E found us, or did roo find layla?) whoever found who, we're just so happy. roo was even happier when i mentioned we were 'kidnapping' her friend with permission and going to the national museum for an island adventure.

i kind of wish i brought along a book, as i was absolutely unnecessary. they answer each others questions, can go on hours-long conversations, argue about nothing at all and then make-up within the same thread. so we pretty much did free play, where i was a third wheel. during one of their explorations, roo politely asked me to "take a walk" if i was feeling bored. lol. usually, i'm busy explaining things to her, or arguing with her. but today, mommy's not as interesting. :) 
play pretend. they kind of liked being coolies.
 rocket ship variations!
we had the museum almost all to ourselves! and while i was on the phone with a client, the kids ran around like they owned the place. i love this shot below for the space, as well as a self-satisfied pride on my one-handed shooting.
ballet buddies
classic national museum shot, with mini-models.
little secrets
more fun outside
 and love this shot of layla while we were playing in the bus, on the way home.
thanks for letting us borrow her, mommy e! :) happy sunday!

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Unknown said...

These are really beautiful photos. Amazing setting and gorgeous tiny carefree and happy models. You captured it all so well!

Unknown said...

GORGEOUS pics of the girls playing! They're about the same age yeah? Seems like they got along well. Poppy misses Roo!

libpuritan said...

Thanks Jasmine! :) Candids are such gems.

Adora, we miss Poppy too! Playdate soon! :)

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