day 632 | august 1, 2012 | Tinysaurus Red: Jailbreak

An episode out of many 'tales of tinysaurus red,' which chronicles Red's toddler misadventures. I'm starting off with this particular tidbit because it showcases the sort of single-mindedness the little ones have at this age. Taken from between July to September, that lock continues to challenge her. It's a good thing it's broken, else she may have run off (and possibly brought home a boy!) several weeks back.

When all goes unusually quiet in the house, there are a few places where I can expect to find her. The door is one such spot. 
attempt #1. pink mammut stool, strawberry dress
attempt #2, pink mammut stool, leggings
attempt #3, pink mammut stool, shorts, with additional climbing action for leverage
attempt #4, green mammut stool, leggings rolled up, exploring the door jamb as well as the lock
She's progressed from using children's stool to grown-up stools. She's also looking quite pleased with herself for the added height and leverage.
attempt #5, regular grown-up stool
This is her response every time I ask her what she's doing. Cheeky little thing! Here's hoping I have a few more years before she figures out how to work our defective lock.


Unknown said...

Oh my!! This is so cute! I love the progression and her face at the end. Priceless.

MummyMOO said...

Oh my!! Caden does the same!

Wonder what is it about the locks that fascinate the kids :D

libpuritan said...

Jasmine, Enjoyed compiling this set of images. :)

Regina, Has Caden figured out your lock yet? :) Perhaps for their 3YO party, we can do a Lock-and-Key theme. :)

Madeline Heng said...

So cute!!! Lovely photos =)

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