day 640 | september 20, 2012 | red turns two

tinysaurus red 
'three,' she insists 
every time i ask how old she is 
pink orange purple
soapy bubbles
fire in eyes
'so cute, right?' baby bliss snuggler
chocolate-stained footprints and candy-tamed impudence
'read hop on pop' bossy little thing
gobble gobble munch munch
rock n' roll headbangs
blinky charm warrior
wide-eyed big sister adoration
tiger ticklish roo mirror
learning to share
doctor pepper
'i know...'
love sparkling,                      absolute trust
little seedling                     reaching up to the sky
beautifully                       heart-melty amazing!

a little picnic-jaunt at botanic gardens
thanks to our lifesaver for taking these shots for us ;)
birthday song from their 10YO uncle: 'add some pepper, add some spice, when you like something nice...'
septembers are always sweet
gobble gobble munch munch
food for thought, tanglin gate, botanic gardens


ilostapple said...


Regina S said...

Beautiful. As always.

pc said...

2 is Terrific! I'm going to miss it very soon.

Happy Birthday, Red;).

Unknown said...

happy birthday darling red!

that pic of you with red on your shoulders: i don't see your face, i totally see roo!

libpuritan said...

Thanks Regina! ;)

PC, I have a love/hate relationship with two. Maybe if i were running on the same batteries as they are, I would love it all the time! :)

Adora, that is the best compliment I've received yet. :)

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