day 679 | october 3, 2012 | Southern Sweden

Not long ago, I mentally summarized Sweden as Ikea (meatballs!), Volvo, Nobel Peace Prize, Swedish massage, and ABBA! After a short trip to the southern cities of Sweden, I'd like to think I'm a little bit more enlightened... At the very least, I'm adopting the fika culture and bringing it home.

We took playful images focusing on everyday life of one of my favorite couples. The lovely university town of Lund provided a beautifully meaningful backdrop to their story. (Lund Love Portraits by STP)

I was afflicted with a "storybook" dreaminess throughout this trip. Surrounded by an organic sort of beauty, it's hard not to fall in love, especially with a heightened appreciation of the simple things in life. Nature and art feature prominently, and has been an inspiration as well as an aspiration. I wished I could stay longer and travel the slow scenic way up north, to get lost in the wilderness, and find myself shivering in the arctic circle under the dancing lights of Aurora. Plans are set, and I'm going to be seeing more of this beautiful country this November.

For now, sharing snaps from last year...

Astronomical clock at Lund Cathedral
"Finn the Giant"
Lovely engravings at the crypt
Old Norse on a Viking runestone 
Art by little people :)
Look Up! There are stories in the ceiling! (At the Kulturen)
Lounging at a cozy cafe-slash-record store in Lilla Torg
"Please please please, Let me get what I want... "

Colored pencils in a street corner
Poster Art Inspirations

Making leisurely art at Hedmanska Garden
I had plenty of time to lounge in strange yet familiar cafes, keeping warm with a cup of coffee as I watched the rain dribble down glass windows, and people go about daily business. One of my favorite views are hip (hot) dads slinging along their babies (or pushing strollers) with such ease and confidence. Sweden is full of married woman porn, I tell you.
The thing I loved best though, was having a home away from home...To end everyday in the warmth of great company, and be greeted by yummylicious home-cooked meals. (They make their own bread!)
And to be welcomed as part of an intimate celebration...
German Riestling, from one of my favorite places --> Systembolaget
Now, there's a certain undeniable magic in that. Thanks for being such wonderful hosts, L&J! Sweden is gorgeous, but the people are even more so. :) Definitely coming back.
Skål! :)


Irene Soh said...

Oh my goodness!!! I love those beautiful pictures!!! What camera are you using?!?!?

libpuritan said...

Thanks Irene!!! :) I use either Nikon D700 or D800. Are you into photography as well?

Irene Soh said...

WOW! I used to use Nikon, but recently changed into Micro 4/3. ON a Olympus Pen system right now. What lens are you using?

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