day 652 | october 8, 2012 | Helsinki

I flew to Paris through Finnair with a layover in Helsinki -- arguably the cheapest airfare I could source at the time I booked. Initially, I didn't think much of it, committed to bringing a book and looking for a nice coffee shop to while my time in between flights. Add in a rainy weather forecast for the whole week that I was in europe, I didn't think i'd get to see any of Finland at all.

Arrived to a gentle rain, grey skies with a tinge of blue. Exploring in 9 degree temperature while getting soaked in the rain is no fun at all, so I was tempted to just stay warm and comfortable at the airport (which was pretty nice!) It was the blue tinge in the sky that got me going. If the rain was going to let up, I wanted to be in the right place to enjoy it.

everyone's pretty helpful, and advised me that for about 7 euros, I could take a bus from airport to the city center, stress-free. i just had to be mindful of the bus schedule so I don't miss my flight. thankfully, the sky cleared up. what was forecasted to be a full day of rain, ended up becoming a colorful sunlit escapade.
the colors of fall had me remembering lines from a book roo, red and i were just reading:
"red sings from the treetops, 
'cheer cheer cheer', 
each like a cherry 
dropping into my ear..."
just sharing mostly unprocessed images from a layover which was supposed to be nothing at all -- but ended up becoming more reason to return to northern europe...
"in fall, green is tired
dusty and crisp around the edges
green sighs with relief...
time for brown to take over..."
"red splashes...
seeps into every vein
of every five-fingered leaf
red swells on branches bent below
red, crisp, juicy, crunch..."
sunlight! :)
"brown rustles, and whispers underfoot..."
i love how the sky is in the water...
"fall smells purple
old leaves and crushed fairies...
the smell of all things mixed together..."
i returned to the bus shivering, yet giddy high with a camera full of images. helsinki is beautiful. hope i get the chance to shoot in this less popular, yet breathtaking part of europe.

i've gambled and gotten nothing. i've gambled and lost something. but every measured, hope-infused gamble i've made have taught me a multitude of things. i've discovered something beautiful by looking at my odds, no matter how slim, and reminding myself that 'yes, i want to be that girl who constantly steps out of comfort for a new adventure.'


pc said...

beautiful pictures and well-said! as always:).


libpuritan said...

thanks PC! love exploring new places. kept thinking it was like a storybook come alive. :)

Mum in the Making said...

So lovely! You came just in time to experience the fall colours... Now the trees are starting to go bare!

Unknown said...

Beautiful prose accompanying stunning pics of fall in Helsinki...continue to inspire us through your writing and pics Steph!

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