day 665 | november 11, 2012 | Legoland

A day's adventure with friends. We were so ill-prepared for this trip, having misplaced our touch n' go card, and forgetting to bring ringgit with us across the border. We spent close to an hour around jurong just looking for a money changer to pay the malaysian toll charges with. So do prep before you go. On a positive note, the GPS did NOT fail us.
The first thing that hit us when we arrived was the heat. There are very little shaded spaces within legoland. They might have copied and pasted the theme park layout from temperate countries into malaysia, but forgot about the sweltering tropical heat. So come armed with plenty of water to keep hydrated. It would have been nice to have more shade.
Red is too young to try out all of the rides, so I ran after her for the most part, and let her soak a bit in the water play area to cool down. 
I had to physically pull her away from this boy. :)
While roo lined up for the driving school, red hustled herself into the junior driving school (which she was hopelessly underage for). She did manage to get past the staff, and drive her yellow car for approximately 10 seconds before she caused an outrageous road block in the track. She was then personally escorted out of the track, and I was appropriately censured for letting my 2 year old through.
Disgruntled Red, after being kicked out of the track
Roo and her friends had a fun time at the big track...
It was a weekend, so the park was packed. Spent most of our time waiting in queues. Beyond a few rides, a walk around the mini-land, and a quick around-the-park train ride, the main highlights for me were (1) spending time with our friends and (2) red getting kicked out of the driving school.
The bigger kids had fun though, and it's likely worth a visit on a weekday, with hopefully less people. I personally hoped to see more activities for littler ones -- and more restaurant/cafe options within the complex.

Will be back again to maximize our annual pass. :)


Unknown said...

OMG cutest pics! and i love lego land!

Mimi - SleeplessInKL said...

I think I was more fascinated than my kids were over the miniature versions of KLIA, KLCC etc. I spent a long time taking pics and my kids had to drag me away so that they could get to the rides haha! ;)

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