day 689 | november 24, 2012 | Spicy Phuket

This is going to be a whopper -- a colorful photo story of what we loved from 9 wonderful days in Phuket. If it was just me, my top 5 Thailand experiences are clear: food, more food, diving, and lazy soak-the-sun sip-that-ice-cold-coconut kind of lounge at the beach, with a masseuse working me to a jello-mellow bliss. But nope, this wasn't that kind of trip. With the two kiddos in tow, our full moon party had to take on a less risque tone. They did allow me a couple of glasses of wine -- thankful for small favors. :)
Several months after the trip, I'm surprised they still remember our sun-soaked days in Phuket. I asked them what were their top memories, and this post is our opportunity to share their Top 7 Phuket Experiences. ("Why seven?" "Because I'm going to be 7 years old, you know?")

More images, less words. Enjoy! :)

#1 Kiddie Clubs Galore! 

We hung out in various places regularly, including a bar/resto with a kiddie corner (which came complete with mini-playmates), and Renaissance Mai Khao's kiddie club (which were manned/womanned by child minders!). 
"Mmm, looks like giant M&Ms!"
Squinched concentration

#2 Water Play

We had access to three different pools plus a couple of beaches. As soon as we woke up, the first thing the two runts would deliberate on would be which pool they'd like to play in for that day. I'm surprised we didn't end up charcoal dark. 
When Red still didn't like sand...

 #3 Phuket Aquarium

They remember the tunnel. But they also remember the tsunami (even though one of them couldn't quite pronounce it yet.)

 #4 Elephant Safari

Funny how this experience has cemented the role of Tiger Balm in our lives. They were so excited to ride the elephants, but they were both too busy covering their noses to enjoy. Rub a bit of Tiger Balm and they could focus on the fun rather than the dung smell. :) Insect bite? Dizzy? Headache? There's always Tiger Balm. 

 #5 Boat Ride to Phi Phi Island

I suspect they remember the balloon puppets in the boat than Phi Phi Island itself. But I did get to get the kids to snorkel in open sea. Plus, I didn't lose any of my children. :) Proud mama moment.

#6 Lounging and Playing in Hotel Rooms

Learning the dance steps to Lady Gaga and PSY's hits. This is where I breathe a sigh of relief that PSY was just a phase... :) 
 and finally...

#7 TukTuk/Jeepney Rides!

Because there's nothing like feeling wind in your hair as you hold on to something for dear life. 

Travel with the little ones is a lot more leisurely than I would normally go for on my solo trips. The twosome keep me humble and human. Even though I had to pace things down, I'm very proud of how well both runts travel. They eat (almost) anything, and are equally hungry for adventures. 
Full Moon Party: Glowsticks!
If there's one thing I loved keenly -- it was seeing the two little ones heart-melding through everyday experiences. And we're quite fortunate that we don't really need to fly far away to experience what we love most. :)


Itchyfingers said...

omg, steph. U made me miss phuket all over again. This is at mai khao is it? lovely, simply stunning. And that picture of your daughter with her hair flying out of the tuktuk is THE picture of the trip!

libpuritan said...

Thanks! :) Plenty of things to miss about Phuket. :) We stayed at two general areas -- Cape Panwa and Mai Khao, which was a good idea for such a long trip. To the kids, having a new hotel after a few days was already adventure enough. :)

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