day 678 | june 30, 2013 | Peranakan Museum

Super Sundays. "Are you joking again?" Roo asked incredulously right after I explained to her that we were going to break some plates at the museum. I was inordinately excited to find out that there's a contemporary interactive exhibit at a traditional space like the Peranakan Museum. It sounded like something out of MOMA, yet here it is in Singapore, brought into reality by New York-based Taiwanese artist, Lee Mingwei.

Until September 22, Peranakan Museum is running "Luminous Depths," an installation which allows visitors to throw $5 ceramic pieces from a shute on the third floor, and enjoy the resulting crash of something breaking against the atrium floor. Red liked the idea (no surprise there!), but it was obvious from the way Roo clutched her plate that she was doubtful of the necessity (or sanity) of this exercise.
On the way up to the shute, Roo enjoyed hunting down stamps of traditional Peranakan symbols throughout the second and third floor. They learned about the significance of insects painted on bowls, the tortoise-shape of an ang ku kueh, butterflies on wedding beds, and dragons, among other things. It kept the little ones running around and exploring (with help from the friendly museum attendants).
Every time someone threw a plate down, Roo would wince and Red would cover her ears. Soon enough, it was our turn. :)
Our plate! Before
Our plate with many others - After
Red wants to throw more! :)
We ended up buying two extra ceramics for painting projects at home.
Since we were just a shimmy away from the National Library, we decided to take a walk and hang out there while waiting for H.
National Library Board has redesigned the children's section as part of "My Tree House" Green Library project. The entrance looks like something out of a storybook. They've also carved out interactive corners where the kids could barely keep noise level down! Right at the heart is a tree house, and using recycled plastic bottles, they created leaves. The intent is to give the kids a more memorable experience and hopefully, inculcate an understanding, appreciation, and concern for the environment.
And of course, after all that activity, the little ones will inevitably look for food. Hans at the National Library has been a nook for me even before Roo was born, and it's great that the little ones are making memories in the same place too.
Happy weekend!

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Susan said...

The picture of them sharing a drink is so sweet. And I love the design on roo's dress. Or is that a skirt?

libpuritan said...

Hi Susan, Thanks. Really appreciate these moments, as they've been arguing a lot more recently. :)

And yes, the dress is a gift. Love the bunnies. Roo chooses her own clothes now -- and that's her new favorite. :)

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