day 694 | august 10, 2013 | Doctor For A Day, Mt Elizabeth Novena

Kids these days are so lucky; there's a plethora of options open to them, and they are exposed to so many things while so young. A few months ago, Roo and Red were fortunate to be able to wiggle a slot into Mt. Elizabeth Novena's very popular "Doctor For a Day" programme (with many thanks to Mommy Jean of SMB). The hospital invited children to role play in their swanky new facility, while assisted by very friendly medical staff. The programme was so well-run, and even wrapped up with a class photo of the "graduating" mini-doctors. I'm certain NMH will be continuing this programme, and hoping to bring my younger brother next time. (Keep track of their activity calendar through NMH's FB Page.)

To be completely honest, Roo wasn't as excited as I was. We've had several conversations about what she wants to be when she grows up, and becoming a doctor was always bottom of her list. Despite this, she did enjoy donning on scrubs and hair nets, conducting a "surgery" on Mr. Smokes-too-much in an operating theatre, bandaging a fellow mini-doctor, as well as caring for a baby in a nursing room.

Red was a bit too young for the programme which catered to 5 to 12 year olds, but she was shamelessly walking around like she owned the place anyway. Split between chasing after my precocious 2 year old, and following the adventures of my engaged 6 year old, I'd managed to take some some snaps of both their stories. Enjoy!
Mt. E's Lounge felt posh like a hotel
Starting off with clean hands
The littlest one found something to keep her busy too. :)
"What's the big fuss about playing Doctor? Playing patient is much more fun!" :)
Operating Room
Looking busy and ready for her shift! (Managed to swipe a Doctor's gown for Red!)
Both my doctors look like they'd already done a red-eye shift. :) Loving the smiles and the messy hair. 
Remembering the experience with a friend, on the ride home.
On the way, I asked Roo if she's inspired to become a doctor. The answer was still "no," though she's happy to pretend to be one. Based on the intent look in Red's eyes, I think the programme worked on her though. We might have a Dr. Red in the future.

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